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Can non-Europeans think? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

”Why is European philosophy ‘philosophy’,but African philosophy ‘ethnophilosophy’ ?”

 Prominent French philosopher Michel Foucault,he of the discourse concept.

Prominent French philosopher Michel Foucault,he of the discourse concept.

Michel Foucault,an important influence on postructuralists in international relations,was opposed to the notion that knowledge is immune from  the workings of power.Instead,he argued that power in fact produces knowledge.All power requires knowledge and all knowledge relies on and reinforces existing power relations.Thus,there is no such thing as ‘truth’ outside of power.Postructuralists examine the concepts that dominate the discourse that is International Studies/Relations.That the dominant concepts are highly contingent on specific power relations.It is worth noting that all the major theories of International Studies/Relations i.e. realism,liberalism,Marxism,social constructivism,and postructuralism- all emerged in Europe in response to specific European problems,postcolonialists reckon.Postcolonial scholars question whether such theories can really purport to explain world politics.It is more likely that they continue to justify the military and economic subordination of the global South by powerful Western interests.{Globalization of World Politics}.

”How can history have a truth if truth in itself has has a history?” -Michel Foucault.