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Eight Elections That Could Change The World In 2013.


The Global Races to Watch Next Year – By Ty McCormick | Foreign Policy.(Link).

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Ty McCormick December 31.

In 2012,the world witnessed an unusual number of high-profile elections.Between the battle royale pitting

incumbent Barrack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney,Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin,and the once-in-

a-decade leadership change in China,it seemed like the entire world was in flux.But don’t be fooled bu this

year’s quieter tempo:Everything from the stability of Africa,European debt crisis,to Tehran’s nuclear program will

be influenced by voters at the ballot box in 2013.Click on the link provided above to find out just which these

eight of the most consequential elections coming up this year are.(Paraphrased).

Ty McCormick is an assistant editor at FP.( http://www.foreignpolicy.com ).