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After 2015, then what? Africa in a post-MDGs era




In view of the under-achievement record of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), global policy makers have set out on a search for a more veritable replacement ahead of its 2015 expiration date. Designed in 2000 by developed countries on behalf of developing countries, the MDGs were collectively promoted as a near-final solution to the development quagmire that drowns a section of the globe. With most African countries at the bottom of the development ranking, the region’s leaders were all too eager to sign on to the MDGs. Across Africa, government representatives were quick to utter the initially unfamiliar acronym, especially in the hearing of donors.  After all, the donors were the ones who set the MDGs, the ones who wanted to spend their money on accomplishing these goals, and the ones who sent their monitoring and implementation team to Africa for follow-up.  And in that mindset lay perhaps the greatest…

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Isidore Sankara Lives On.


”Fatherland or death,we will prevail!”

IDIS Forum for International Affairs.

By Nawiri Nerima

Fourth August 1983 saw the Marxist revolutionary army captain Thomas Isidore  Noël Sankara take over the reigns of power in Burkina through the last but one military coup to date.Until recently,aptly  argues Houngnikpo, military incursion into politics on the continent was the norm rather than the exception, a phenomenon with deep roots in Africa’s colonial history. The characteristic role of the armed forces was to repress the majority peoples while supporting the status quo as it were. According to the 2012 AfDB Chief Economist Complex, the continent has seen more than 200 military coups staged since the post-independence epoch of 1960s, 45% of which have been ‘successful’. The pertinent question is whether military coups are good or bad, generally they seem to be bad (From Cairo to Bangui). Sankara’s regime however proves otherwise,at least as far as socio-economic conditions were concerned:

”The more radical the person is,the more fully…

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Anzetse Were


Sino-African economic interactions have aroused keen interest in the global community over the past few years, and there are good reasons for this. In 2011, trade between China and Africa reached US$ 160 billion and investments totaled more than US$ 13 billion. In addition to that there are growing economic, political and even social ties developing between the two parties. Why are Africa and China becoming so close to each other and what does it bode for Africa? Part 1 looks at the history of Sino-African relations, current dynamics and factors informing China’s interest in Africa. Part 2 will explore the pros and cons for Africa in this economic interaction.




1950- 1980

It can be stated that, ‘China-Africa relations got off to a start after the first Asia-Africa Conference in 1955 as Beijing attempted to assert its leadership over the Third World.’…

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