The Danger Of A Single Story.

”How stories are told,who tells them,when they’re told,how many stories are told,are really dependent on power.”

”Because of writers like Chinua Achebe and Camara Laye….I realised that people like me,girls with skin the colour of chocolate,whose kinky hair could not form ponytails,could also exist in literature.”

”If I had not grown up in Nigeria,and if all I knew about Africa were from popular images,I too would think that Africa was a  place of beautiful landscapes,beautiful animals and incomprehensible people,fighting senseless wars,dying of poverty and AIDS,unable to speak for themselves and waiting to be saved by a kind,white foreigner.”

”The single story creates stereotypes,and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue,but that they are incomplete.They make one story become the only story.”

Chimamanda’s Profile.

Arguably Africa’s best literary flower (DN2), at least from her generation of writers,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was born in 1977 in Nigeria.She briefly studied Medicine and Pharmacy then moved to  Eastern Connecticut (U.S.A),graduating summa cum laude with a major in Communication and a minor in Political Science.She holds a masters degree in creative writing from John Hopkins University and an MA on African Studies from Yale as well.Her books thus far include, Purple Hibiscus (her first novel) published in 2003,Half of A Yellow Sun (2006), and The Thing Around Your Neck (2009). Purple Hibiscus is tested on the English Leaving Certificate course in Ireland,the Advanced Placement course in select US schools,as well as the International Baccalaureate course in some schools in the U.K.She’s received awards galore including,the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction (2007).”We do not usually associate wisdom with beginners,but here is a new writer endowed with the gift of ancient storytellers,” says literary maestro Chinua Achebe of her.Her latest book, Americanah,is set to come out on May 14th this year.


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  1. Someone should really emphasize on the point of Africans fighting senseless wars. It really irritates me to see that at this age and time, some full grown individuals with brains can decide to go to the streets,make everything come to a stand still especially businesses in the name of “My politician did not win or we were not given money or T-shirts”. Anyone who reads this and is a registered voter in Kenya, kindly lets spread the message of PEACE and bring some sanity to our dear country. We can do better than go to the streets to protest for some people who will never think about our own welfare once they get into power positions. Kenya is bigger that any one of us and we need each other for the prosperity of our nation.

  2. Unfortunately ‘the single story’ has become a plague especially in Africa, it is so deep like a baobab root hard to uproot. Funny enough the single story is always the negative story. But there is still hope. Everyone should emphasize on knowing ‘the other side’ of the story.

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